# A Calendar of Wisdom - Leo Tolstoy The difference between real material poison and intellectual poison is that most material poison is disgusting to the taste, but intellectual poison, which takes the form of cheap newspapers or bad books, can unfortunately sometimes be attractive. #awareless ^88f393 A constant flow of thoughts expressed by other people can stop and deaden your own thought and your own initiative... That is why constant learning softens your brain... Stopping the creation of your own thoughts to give room for the thoughts from other books reminds me of Shakespeare's remark about his contemporaries who sold their land in order to see other countries. **- Arthur Schopenhauer** #reflection #learning A person who knows little likes to talk, and one who knows much mostly keeps silent. This is because a person who knows little thinks that everything he knows is important, and wants to tell everyone. A person who knows much also knows that there is much more he doesn't know. That's why he speaks only when it is necessary to speak, and when he is not asked questions, he keeps his silence. **- Jean Jacques Rousseau** #silence #quiet When you carry your burden, you should know that it is good for you to have it. Make the best of this burden and take from it everything which is necessary for your intellectual life, as your stomach takes from food everything necessary for your flesh, or as fire burns brighter after you put some wood on it. **- Marcus Aurelius** #difficulties #stoicism People are so involved in their material interests that when they look at the manifestations of the human soul, and at pure relationships between people, they look at them from the point of view of how to improve their material well-being. Respectability is often measured by one's wealth, and not by his real inner spiritual value. **- Ralph Waldo Emerson** #wealth #spirit Do not fear the lack of knowledge, fear false knowledge. All evil in this world comes from false knowledge. #ignorance Our actions are neither as good nor as vicious as our desires. **- Luc de Vauvenargues** #desire #thinking We cannot imagine the scope of our ignorance, just as a blind man cannot imagine darkness until he can see. **- Immanuel Kant** #ignorance #awareless Only one step lies between a five-year-old child and a man of my age. Between a newborn baby and a five-year-old child lies a huge distance. Between a fetus and a newborn baby lies an abyss; and between nonexistence and a fetus lies not only an abyss, but a gulf that surpasses comprehension. ^a5399d #concentration #skewness #asymmetry Every bird always knows where to make her nest. And if she knows how and where to make her nest, this means that she knows her purpose in life. And why does man, who is the wisest among all creatures, not know that which any bird knows, that is, his purpose in life? #purpose #life_meaning There are many people who are more unhappy than you. This message cannot be a roof under which you may live, but it will be enough of a roof under which you may hide from storms. #difficulties #happiness People think that self-sacrifice violates your freedom. Those people do not know that sacrifice gives us complete freedom, and frees us from ourselves, from the slavery of our dissipation. #freedom #self If my soldiers started thinking, not a single soldier would remain in my army. **- Frederick II** #freedom #independence